Do YOU practice Tai Chi?

Would YOU like to learn Tai Chi?

Are YOU interested in knowing more about Tai Chi?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes” then you should attend these classes!

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Instructor: Qin Liu (Click here to read her full bio)

Start Date: Tuesday 17th June 2014 then every Tuesday and Thursday evening

Time: 19:00-20:30

Details: These classes are perfect for beginners and those interested in learning more about Tai Chi.  Although you will learn different items each class there will be a regular review for those that perhaps cannot attend every class due to work or travel commitments.

General Class structure will include:

Basic skills
Tai Chi Stance
Tai Chi Philosophy
24 simplified Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style: learn and review 2-3 forms each class)
Cool down

Warm-up, Basic skills, Tai Chi Stance will give your body a good exercise and make your body more flexible and ready for doing Tai Chi more easily. Tai Chi Philosophy will give you a better understanding of Tai Chi and how to practice Tai Chi.

24 simplified Tai Chi Chuan is also called the 24 forms. It is the most popular Tai Chi in China. In 1956 the national sports commission of China (now the general administration of sports) organized Tai Chi masters to draw the essence of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan to create a more simplified version.  Although it is only 24 movements, it is more refined and easy to learn, and it still fully embodies the movement characteristics of traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

Location: Hall 201 | Building 4 | V12 Cultural & Creative Zone | 32 North Nanwan Road | Nanping | Xiangzhou District | Zhuhai

Near Huafa New Town 珠海市香洲区 南屏南湾北路32号V12 文化创意园四号楼201

Cost: 50 RMB per class per person

Booking: Not necessary, just drop-in! However, if you want more information please call

186-8818-0977 or email

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