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With the use of Huafa New Town Community Hospital conference and lecture hall facilities, China Biofield will be setting up and implementing a regular Events & Workshop calendar that will run throughout the year.  This will allow a regular forum, talk group and voice to be established that will help highlight, discuss, solve and promote important health and family related issues.

Workshops and training seminars conducted by both International and domestic speakers & instructors will facilitate knowledge transfer within the local community and allow an international audience to learn and be educated in topics and subjects related to science, medicine, individual and family healthcare, lifestyle management & general wellbeing.


Inform, Educate and Entertain

The China Biofield team can enter into any working environment and engage in any level of occupational health from stress management, risk assessment and first aid to group motivation, focus and relaxation.

We can also give entertaining and engaging presentations, lectures and seminars in the following areas:

Weigh Less Live More
Express Detox
Decoding Ingredients Lists
Bitter Sweet
Green Smoothie 101
Wellness At Work
Introduction To Biofield Science
Living Healthily in China
Chinese Supermarket Guide
8 Ways To A Happier Digestion
Hotel Health

For further information on any of the above please email