International Department 1Introduction

The HiMyDr International Clinic is a department of Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center and is exclusive to all foreign nationals living and working in the Pearl River Delta region.  It’s main aim is to endorse and be characterized by professionalism, personalization and integration of medical treatment and health care.

As a health management institution with fifteen years experience of general medical services the International Clinic has introduced both European and American criteria to instigate a professional service model as well as first-class family doctors (trained both at home and abroad) for the purpose of offering international customers one on one services.

The International Clinic has specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), psychology, neuroendocrinology, infertility, health preservation and recuperation and with professionals in nursing, customer service and translation this has created a highly efficient and man-oriented medical team.

The integration of prevention, treatment, recuperation and healthcare fully reflects the goal of creating a “social→psychological→biological” medical model that maximizes the body’s internal resistance to disease and improves the external environment to achieve the purposes of prevention and disease control.

Humanistic Medical Services

The International Clinic has worked with many famous class-A grade hospitals, medical organizations and life-preserving institutions located in Guangdong province and beyond.

Through expert consultation, there aim is to develop specialized and individualized treatment and recuperation programs and health management strategies that provide high-end community residents and business professionals with fast and effective, green and clean medical channels and referral services.

The realization of a “man-oriented” service is based on every individual’s needs, personalized service, agreement management, continuous follow-up and comprehensive care.

A Promise of Quality Service

Through a combination of both Chinese and Western medicine the International Clinics main focus is on “the control of diseases and the promotion of health and well-being”. With full-time doctors and a private clinic environment, high quality services are offered to meet every client’s needs.

From appointment to reception, from physical check-up to treatment and from treatment to healthcare the International Clinic carries out very strict working procedures including strict adherence to work ethics, reasonable treatment, rational drug use and transparent consumption.  They avoid polypharmacy, combinations of multiple drugs and medical harm to maximize healthcare effects and minimize side effects.

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*Please note:  China Biofield 综合健康医疗 is not a medical clinic.  Although we are located in the HiMyDr International Clinic situated on the 2nd floor of Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center we are not involved with any of their day to day services or medical procedures.  We solely offer international advice and free information on your health needs and will recommend medical and hospital related services and facilities located across the whole of Zhuhai city and beyond.  The treatments and therapies that are offered at the HiMyDr International Clinic are solely performed by fully trained and qualified doctors facilitated by and working for the Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center.