Advice, Information & Consultancy

Living in a different country with a very different culture can sometimes not be easy.  Communication and cultural differences can leave you feeling frustrated and stressed.  Sometimes the most simplest of questions and requests for information can become hugely difficult and unnerving.

When it comes to health related issues these problems can become greatly exacerbated.  Through the Menat International Department and using our online health & wellbeing directory we want to be at your service to help prevent these unnecessary problems from occurring.

For quick and easy information check out our online Health & Wellbeing Directory or book a FREE Consultation and come and visit us

With a growing network of medical doctors, health workers and both Chinese and foreign owned business members based in many different industries, China Biofield can provide you with two types of dedicated and professional consultancy services.


Personal Medical & Insurance consultancy for Expats & Expat families living, working and studying in China:

Using our virtual network and expat Health & Well-being Directory we can advise and assist the growing China expat community to find the best, most suited and cost effective health care for both their individual and family needs.


Business Consultancy for Foreign companies with Medical & Health related products & services:

Using our extensive knowledge base we can advise and assist your company with the regulatory procedures surroundings the import of International Health & Medical products into China mainland.

As competition from both international and domestic companies intensifies, having established relationships with local firms and hospitals, and a presence on the ground to maintain these relationships and offer after-sales support, will become increasingly important.

China Biofield can be your in-market presence giving you the opportunity to develop close links with hospitals and other institutions conducting clinical research and to facilitate the distribution of your products and services.  To get started check out the China Market page.