Biofield Science

It is clear that there is something non-visible supporting, surrounding and interconnecting with the physical body and the devices that I have studied and work with seem to be tapping into various patterns within it.  This subtle biological field seems to reflect the physical internal states of the body.

(Chris J. Bradshaw, China Biofield)


The BiofieldThe Human Biofield (otherwise known as the “Human Energy Field“, “Aura”, “Corona”, “Halo” or “Light Body”) is quite simply a field of multiple interpenetrating layers of energy which surrounds our human body much likened by many to the shape of a candle flame.

It is an elliptical lattice of vibrational frequencies, which emanates from the human core and permeates the physical body acting as an energetic template for its molecular assembly.  Composed of electro-magnetic and bio-dynamic radiations it can now be measured against the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum with a variety of different devices.

The Human Biofield should be regarded as no less real than the physical body.  It has often been seen, described and depicted in various religious and spiritual writings dating back to the earliest parts of our known history.

The Biofield5000 years ago, ancient spiritual traditions of India spoke of a universal energy called “prana” that flows through spinning energy gates in the Biofield known as “chakras” and energy channels called “nadis.” This universal energy was thought to be the source of all life, the breath of life that moves through all forms to give them life.

3,000 years ago, the ancient qigong masters in China were practicing their meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the Biofield.  They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate “qi” that flows through energy channels called “meridians.”  “Vital force” was a name associated with this life energy in Europe and in many religions it was known as “spirit.”

This subtle energy was thought to balance with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of life to keep the person well.  Interrupt this energy flow through the body and stress or dis-ease will begin.

The BiofieldUp until the early 20th century, detection of the Biofield remained in the hands of certain gifted individuals, including clairvoyants whose enhanced range of sight allowed them to detect energy fields.  However, with modern scientific apparatus we are now able to measure the most subtle and delicate electromagnetic fluctuations in the body.  This provides supporting evidence for our worlds ancient traditional beliefs and theories.

By working with the Biofield we can understand that people can be treated and cured of illness and dis-ease on an energetic level through energy healing, energy therapies, energy exercises and pure conscious intent.  The knowledge and understanding of Biofield science can thus revolutionize the way we think about and deal with our health and well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

*For more in depth information on the Human Biofield please download the e-book attached below

(Download e-book) An Investigation into the Human Energy Field: What is it, can we see it and if so what does it tell us?

At present our current research supports the following conclusions:

  • The Biofield needs to be established as one of the principal components of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  • Physical diseases occur after the Biofield has become so severely imbalanced that it can no longer perpetuate quantum healing.
  • The body interacts with the cosmos (universe) through light to balance itself.  That is why we have a chakra system so that higher frequencies above our range of sight can be utilised by the body.
  • The Biofield can act as a bridge between Science and Spirituality.
  • The Biofield provides us with a new way of diagnosing and treating illnesses determining early detection and the prevention of disease in the physical body.
  • Biofield science focuses more on prevention rather than cure assisting in empowering an individual to become more aware and responsible for their health and well-being.
  • Observation of the Biofield can assist in monitoring & validating the benefits and effects of various treatment methods and modalities.  This is highly beneficial for both therapists and patients.
  • Observation of the Biofield can also assist in showing the deleterious effects of various unseen forces in our environment such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from electrical equipment (electro pollution).

For a list of downloadable pdfs describing various published and unpublished scientific studies that have been carried out across the world based on bio-energetic research and which support our understanding of Biofield science please see the Downloadable Studies & Reports page.

China Biofield is always looking to form professional and sustainable partnerships and cooperation with Chinese hospitals, Medical clinics, TCM centres and academic science, medical and clinical research Universities, schools and colleges.

Currently we are seeking collaboration to undertake Biofield based research studies in the following areas:

  • TCM therapies and their scientific effects on the human Biofield and PhysiologyResearch and innovation
  • The effects of Electro pollution (EMFs) from phones, computers, TVs, kitchen appliances etc on the Human Biofield and Physiology
  • Phi Harmonics energy dot study on the recuperation rate of inpatients (clinical hospital based research trial)
  • Qigong effects and treatments on the human Biofield and Physiology
  • A study into the Biofield assessment of Shoalin Monks
  • Electrophysiological  therapy study with Elderly people who have limited mobility

As Plato (a famous Greek philosopher) said around 400 BC “The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.”  This is another huge benefit that continued research on the Biofield will bring us back to understanding.  As multi-dimensional beings with various different aspects and layers to ourselves other than merely our physical appearance, we need to heal ourselves in the exact same way, in a holistic way that treats the energetic and physical sides of us together as a connected whole.