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Charity Farm EventHelping Others to Help Themselves Fundraising Event (December 2013)

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Forty-Five minutes north of Zhuhai city, nestled amongst green mountains and fresh spring waters is a very unique village called Ya Xi. Initially established in 1928 as a leper sanatorium, the village now offers rehabilitation to former Hanson Disease sufferers and their families. Even though they are now cured, the stigma of the disease means they have long been rejected, expelled or both from their old families and villages.

Each former Hanson sufferer is given 300RMB per month from the Government, but in order for them to put food on the table every day, give their children an education and a better chance in life, they need more. An Italian called Mr Tonetto has devoted over a decade to helping the villagers, trying to re-build their confidence, helping individual families with their medical needs and potential homelessness. More recently he has been assisting them with their strength in farming.

What started with one family and a small plot of land has begun to grown into an agricultural co-operation thanks to the help and input of several Westerners. In particular, Chris Claessens, owner of The Garden and part owner of The Factory (both located at Hua Fa Century City).

One or two restaurants in Zhuhai already buy herbs and vegetables from Ya Xi, but the way the villagers have been working is not effective enough to guarantee consistent supply of produce. Therefore, together with Chris, Mr. Tonetto, the village Chief and the families have been looking at a large expansion of their Organic gardens.

Today the profit from the sale of their produce is not giving them the opportunity to expand their farm without help from others, on average an additional 800RMB per month is generated from their Organic vegetable sales. Not having the right tools and equipment also means they are at the mercy of the environment. This year alone due to the unpredictable weather and heavy rain fall, they lost countless crops of Italian tomatoes, chives, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage and so much more.

Although the villagers are on the on the right track there is still a long way to go. This is where we can help them. As Mr Tonetto has stated all along, he doesn’t want to give them the fish to eat, he wants to teach them fish for themselves. In order to be able to get to a self-sustainable level they need support to buy farming equipment. Such as a mechanical plough, green houses, a well and irrigation system, shovels, pots for nursery, and a better quality of soil.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthy project please come along to the Fundraising event on December 7th from 2PM till late at The Factory @ Century City The afternoon activities will primarily be based on a family day with lots of games and events to keep the little ones occupied whilst the older ones enjoy a glass or two of mulled wine. Throughout the day the villagers from the farm and Mr. Tonetto will be selling some of their Organic produce and will be delighted to meet some of the people who wish to help their worthy cause.

The evening of the 7th will play host to a raffle and auction of various donated items, Live Bands, DJ, Free admission. This event will be supported by a combination of Business’s operating in the Huafa Complex, who will be selling food at the event, 30% of the evenings income will be going to the Farm. So come along and support this great cause on the 7th of December and join in the fun!

By Tess Boller Delta Bridges



Handa Rehabilitation & Welfare Association (November 2013)

In the 1980s, since the discovery of the first effective treatment (MDT) for leprosy, those who have long suffered from such disease were finally cured. However, there remains a deep-rooted prejudice against people affected by leprosy running through our society. Some of them are not allowed home; even if they live at home, they often meet with unequal treatment, discrimination or even insults from family members.

In 1993, children who come from families of people affected by leprosy were denied education in local school. In 1994, two people affected by leprosy were refused for accommodation by a hotel in Guangzhou. In 2006, a villager called 120 for emergency medical services. Yet the coming ambulance turned its way back when the doctors noticed it a leprosy rehabilitation village, leaving the elderly in danger.

Until now, hundreds of thousands of people affected by leprosy still confront with great challenges — physical disability, financial burden, social discrimination etc. How to build a more welcoming society and call for more care about them remain our major concerns.

Professor Yang Lihe, lifetime worker for prevention and treatment of leprosy, one day proposed an idea of establishing an organization that owned by people affected by leprosy. With the support from his family and Guangdong Provincial Department of Health, retired Professor Yang uses his home as the early office and paid for expenses from his small pension account. After two-year’s hard time, he finally saw the founding of HANDA Rehabilitation & Welfare Association on August 19th, 1996.

Spirit of HANDA

HANDA Rehabilitation & Welfare Association was established in Guangdong, registered in Guangdong Civil Affairs Bureau and supervised under Guangdong Health Bureau as a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization. The working principle of HANDA is “equality, participation, dedication and empowerment”.

We promote mutual assistance and the ability of self-support among people affected by leprosy.


Ensure a quality that results from the mobilization of social resources and the implementation of social, psychological, physical and economic rehabilitative activities for people affected by leprosy. We are aiming to eliminate the discrimination and stigma against people affected by leprosy and working together to create a harmonious society.

Pursue the truth and dedicate your love

Address: D-201, Blog A4, Lidu Garden, Zhucun, Qianjin Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R. China 510660

Tel: 020-32236742
Fax: 020-32236908




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A Story of Hope: Luo Shuang Qin (October 2013)

On August 21, 2004, Luo Shuang Qin and her twin sister were born into a poor and struggling family in Hunan. Luo Shuang Qin was born with congenital collapsed nose and as much as the family tried to gather enough funds for a surgery, there seems to be no hope.  

The father of the family has been working for years to be able to help with the needed surgery for Luo Shuang Qin, but still hasn’t been able to have enough money to help his daughter.  Due to these struggles and family pressures the mother divorced the father and took the twin sister leaving the father and her grandparents to take care of her.  

The father now lives and works in Dongguan, Guangdong, while Luo Shuang Qin attends a primary school in Hunan, where her grandparents live. Doctor’s said that the surgery will cost over 120,000 RMB so the father continued to work even harder to be able to help his daughter, but no matter how hard he worked and tried, the amount just seemed impossible to reach.    

In May, Treasures of Hope (TOH) was contacted about this situation.  Although, TOH is committed to providing funds and sponsorships to the three charities they support, their  heart is to help anybody if at all possible who is in need and ask for help.  Immediately, e-mails were sent to several charity contacts, which have been a HUGE help and blessing, and word began to spread online. While visiting Dongguan during her Summer vacation, a staff and volunteer from Treasures of Hope was able to visit Luo Shuang Qin and her father face to face to find out more about the seriousness of the situation. Shortly after that, meetings were set up with local doctors in Southern China, who wanted to help, but because of the complications and complexity of the surgery, they wouldn’t be able to do it. 

Trying to find a way of help didn’t come as easy as what was thought, but as one of the volunteers said, “We’ll continue to do our best to connect the dots and help this little girl.”  In the face of this life, there is a little girl that is trying to smile, but finds it hard to do.  Daily, living with people laughing and making fun of her…and feeling sad and lonely to a cruel world.  Can this life be changed and helped? Can hope be brought to Luo Shuang Qin and her father? There has to be hope out there somewhere.

As word continued to spread to various people, organizations, and doctors from around the world…from China, the Netherlands, USA, Japan, and Taiwan, the dots were eventually connected.  Due to the steps that and time needed for the this surgery, it was advised to keep Luo Shuang Qin close to her culture and living environment.  Ct scans were sent to a doctor in Taiwan, who knew another doctor in Shanghai, who agreed to do the Cranio-Orbital Surgery, which will be about 60,000-80,000 RMB.  There is hope and even better that it’s in China!!!

The father was recently contacted to be informed of this good news and TOH will be in touch with the doctor concerning logistics of the surgery…the goal is that it will be done in the Spring of 2014. 

TOH is now seeking organizations that are willing to help with the cost of the surgery, which will completely change this precious life. For more information or if you would like to help out, please e-mail

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Treasures of Hope – a Diamond in the Rough! (September 2013)

It’s entirely possible you’d just walk by this “diamond in the rough” or you might be enchanted by the smell of scented candles burning, and wander inside. What’s it all really about? A shop filled with a variety of goods, and so so so much more.  A “Treasure” in its own right, Treasures of Hope may be a place filled with fun household decorations, gift items, toys, books, and more, but mostly it’s a place filled with hopes and dreams. Every purchase made at Treasures of Hope goes to benefit one of the many local charities supported by the shop, and most of the friendly faces you’ll encounter inside are volunteers. From local Chinese High School students with a yearning to giveback to their community, to a group of devoted expats who bring their worldly expertise to a small town, each volunteer gives from their heart while working for a common goal….to make a difference in the lives of children, youths, and adults with disabilities in China.

In 2009, the idea of Treasures of Hope developed from four minds getting together to brainstorm about the possibility of factory warehouse samples being sold to benefit orphans through True Children’s Home. In August of 2009, ideas became reality and Treasures of Hope opened it’s doors. It has now grown to support orphans, youth in poverty to get an education, and those affected by leprosy. As a charity store, Treasures of Hope is a creative means to raise money to support those in need.

You’re invited to get involved!  Whether you’re in the Dongguan area and stop by for some GREAT shopping, or browsing our taobao store, there’s always something new. Become a volunteer, help us find factories and businesses to connect with who also share the same heart and passion as we do in making a difference in lives…if you’d like to get involved, please get in touch!

For more information about Treasures of Hope and the exciting things they are doing, please e-mail or check them out online:

Treasures of Hope:

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Bring Me Hope Summer Camps for Orphans – Get Involved? (July/August 2013)

Bring Me Hope (BMH) is an organization that changes orphans’ lives through summer camps and is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of Chinese orphans. It begins at summer camp and continues with year-round programs to meet the ongoing needs of orphans in China. BMH believes that every person is created with value. As their website reads, “It breaks our hearts when the value of human life is not recognized and children are rejected, abandoned and abused. Our experiences and histories vary, but one thing binds us: passion for serving needy children and recruiting others to the same cause.

Volunteers and staff from around the world are now preparing for the summer camps for orphans and at-risk youth, which will be taking place in Yantai, Xinzheng, Taiyuan, Nanchang, Kunming, and Chongqing from July 8-August 16. The camps will be spent focusing one-on-one attention on the kids to give them the best time of their lives.  Swimming, doing crafts, singing songs, playing games, and spending time hanging out are only a few of the fun activities they will enjoy together.  The goal is to show orphans that they are special and valuable and to make a difference in their lives.

“It is beyond my imagination all the activities done at camp. We felt the warmth and love of a family. Kids like us can’t imagine we could ever come here and enjoy life like this.” ~Yanhong, camper

For more information, or if you would like to make a financial contribution, please contact Bring Me Hope.


Chinese Relief & Development Foundation (1)

Help YaAN Earthquake Appeal (June 2013)

Make a difference today!!!

The community of YaAn, affected by the recent earthquake, is still in need of much support… will take many years to rebuild, will you consider making a difference?

The relief effort is being organised through the Chinese Relief & Development Foundation (CRDF).  It’s main purpose is to promote science & technology, universal education and creative work with a scientific concept of development, to direct effort to public welfare like helping the poor in society and carrying out disaster relief works, all contributing to the construction of a harmonious society.

YaAn Earthquake: Within a short period of just over a week, as of May 2, CRDF has purchased the following supplies: 530 tents, 46 bags of rice, 200 cases of milk, 520 cases of bottled water, 10 cases of instant noodle, 100 blankets and 200 flashlights from Chengdu. 100 bags of rice, 40 barrels of cooking oil, 120 bags of salt, 180 pairs of rubber shoes, 5 pairs of rain boots, 40 raincoats and ¥200,000 worth of medicine from YA’AN.

These relief supplies were separately delivered to the Relief Command Center of YA’AN Civil Affairs Bureau, Yucheng District Government, and directly to affected people through CRDF volunteers.  Volunteers, Staff, and the Medical Team will continue to deliver needed supplies and provide care and help to those affected by the earthquake.  It will take months for this the YaAn community to rebuild…the needs are great.

There are several businesses in Southern China that have partnered together to make a difference in helping the YaAn community.  In Dongguan, Treasures of Hope, HERE! Dongguan, and the AMBD Brazilian Women’s Club have organized businesses to take up collections and 612 RMB family sponsorships to help provided needed supplies and medical care.  Positive things are happening as people from all over China come together to help during this disaster.

If you or your company is interested in helping efforts in YaAn, please contact CRDF:



Source: Chinese Relief & Development Foundation 


Child stands next to tents that serve as dwellings for local residents after the April 20 earthquake, in Longmen township of Lushan countyUsana True Health Foundation Aids Victims of the China Earthquake (May 2013)

Yen 1.7 million RMB of funding and product donated

The USANA True Health Foundation (NYSE: USNA) is contributing ¥1.7 million renminbi (RMB) – equivalent to $275,000 USD  – in product and cash to assist the victims of the devastating April 20 earthquake in China, which killed 192 people, injured 11,000 and left 50,000 homeless. Products will be sent directly to Lushan, China, to provide health relief to children affected by the magnitude-6.6 quake. A significant cash donation will also be given to the China Charity Federation for provisions, medical assistance and other urgent needs.

“Families, and especially children, in China are suffering greatly from this disaster and are in desperate need of life-giving support,” says Elaine Pace, president of the USANA True Health Foundation. “Our foundation is pleased to promptly serve the victims of this horrible tragedy with necessary funding and products to help maintain the health of this region.”

Since the USANA True Health Foundation was established in March 2012, it has given $100,000 in aid to disaster victims and malnourished children all over the world. In August 2012, when Hurricane Sandy swept through the Caribbean and East Coast of the U.S., and in November 2012, when the island of Mindanao in the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Bopha, the foundation responded quickly to provide the necessary supplies to those in the hard-hit regions. Additionally, USANA Health Sciences Inc. and the USANA True Health Foundation have given more than $18 million to feed hungry children globally over a span of more than 15 years.

“We are grateful for the support that those in the earthquake zone of Sichuan, China will be receiving from this donation,” says Matthew Estes, president of BabyCare, USANA’s subsidiary in China.

For more information about the USANA True Health Foundation, please visit