Our Mission

Our team believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being that provides more attention and awareness to prevention rather than cure through healthy lifestyle choices such as good diet and regular exercise.  We want to focus on promoting integrative medicine, bridging the gap between conventional and modern ways of diagnosing and treating illness and disease with ancient philosophies, natural techniques and healing modalities such as those found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In the future, and with great patience and persistence, China Biofield would like to expand its online network to other major cities in Guangdong province and to develop a network of international health, therapy, research and education centers that fuse the best of Oriental and Western Medicine, Medical Philosophy, Science and Technology.  This however will take time, patience and persistence, but through challenge, creativity and hard work we will get a step closer each day!

Our Overall Mission is thus:

1) To advise and assist the growing expat community living and working in China to find the best and most suited health care for both their individual and family needs, making you and your family’s life in mainland China a little more easier.

2) To facilitate a more international, service orientated culture in relationship to the local medical system that is currently being offered to international customers.

3) To provide information, education, training and treatments in traditional Chinese medicine and other international health practices that endorse holistic, natural and complementary treatment methods and equipment that are non-invasive and work in accordance with the body’s own bio-energetic healing mechanisms.

4) To act as an educational bridge between Eastern and Western philosophy and methodology looking to combine the best of modern, conventional, allopathic medicine with the best of traditional, alternative, natural, holistic medicine.

5) To support the development of a more integrated and non-invasive approach to assessing health states that strongly focuses on preventative measures before physical issues actually manifest.

6) To scientifically investigate ancient, natural methods and techniques of health prevention and cures such as those found in TCM as well as researching, validating and correlating the benefits and effects of various treatment methods and frontier technologies.

7) To serve, inspire, help and instruct others on how to achieve their goals, improve their lives, health and wellbeing by using a multidimensional approach that addresses and balances all aspects of a persons life such as job/career, relationships/community, sport/exercise, faith/spirituality, food/nutrition.

8) To challenge our perceptions and beliefs of the environment that we live in along with our understanding of what we call consciousness so that we can evolve and create a world that is more peaceful, prosperous and harmonious.