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China Biofield 综合健康医疗 was officially created in 2012 by Zhuhai expats Yen Wong and Chris J. Bradshaw in response to the growing demand for improved healthcare services, information and advice for expats and expat families residing in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China.  It is a foreign-owned enterprise working in affiliation with a Chinese-owned hospital and healthcare group.

Essentially, China Biofield 综合健康医疗 is an International association and network comprised of both foreign and Chinese doctors, healthcare workers, scientists, researchers and members of the local community.  It is a place where the interconnected fields of Health, Science, Medicine & Well-being can be discussed, explored and enjoyed.

China Biofield’s main aim is to listen and learn, improve, expand and evolve the existing range of medical health and well-being related services and products currently being offered to expats, families and tourists residing in Zhuhai, facilitating a more international framework and strategy for maintaining good health and intercultural understanding.

An opportunity for the international community…..

With the growing number of foreign, English and non-English speaking families and businessmen residing in Zhuhai city, there is an essential need for a place where foreigners can visit to have their health care needs and well being taken care of.

At this current point in time there is no “one-stop” shop where a China expat or tourist can go to get free and open information and advice on health and family related matters,  problems or concerns.  Whether it be medical, personal or legal issues, miscommunication and cultural differences in China can cause unnecessary trials and tribulations that can subsequently cause stress and finally bad health to an individual and their family.

China Biofield wants to solve this problem

by creating a solution using your help!

Our team is based in the newly opened HiMyDr International Clinic, located in the green and aesthetically pleasing environment of Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center, offering various health and well-being related services and products to the China expat community using English as the primary language of communication.

Please be sure to contact us and come and visit so that we can listen to your needs and get your thoughts and feelings on your various health experiences whilst living in mainland China.  Alternatively, If YOU need friendly health and family advice or information, a treatment or therapy by professional and qualified doctors, a peaceful place to get away from the city and back to nature, or more importantly just a friend we would be happy to be of service.

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*Please note:  China Biofield 综合健康医疗 is not a medical clinic.  Although we are located in the HiMyDr International Clinic situated on the 2nd floor of Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center we are not involved with any of their day to day services or medical procedures.  We solely offer international advice and free information on your health needs and will recommend medical and hospital related services and facilities located across the whole of Zhuhai city and beyond.  The treatments and therapies that are offered at the HiMyDr International Clinic are solely performed by fully trained and qualified doctors facilitated by and working for the Huafa New Town Community Health Service Center.